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tv   News 3 Live at Noon  NBC  October 27, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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headache. >> news 3 starts right now. >> anchor: good afternoon. unthinkable crime that just horrifies so many in this community. we are talking about the rape and murder of this beautiful 15-year-old alyssa. >> if you remember she is the student who was killed while walking home from arbor view high school back in 2011. the man charged in this grizzly crime still has yet to stand trial but he was back in court javier. the last time he was in court the guilty plea was thrown out because he was originally pleaded guilty to this. that was doctors on both sides could examine his mental health. well the defense and prosecution today told the judge that their experts have begun tests and soon present their findings. in 2011 alyssa texted her mom that she was on her way home from school but she was never
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sexually assaulted and then stabbed her 40 times before burning her body and leaving it in a field in the very northwest part of the valley. it's been a roller coaster ride over the years for this family as they have been in court every step of the way hearing horrible details about what happened to her. alyssa's mother says she will continue to be in court until he is punished. >> that choice he made that day will change, the rest of my life my family's life and it's just -- it's [ inaudible ] journey. >> anchor: so that is jennifer she says that she feels the death penalty is only fair saying her daughter's life wasn't considered before the violent murder. so we know this much. he will be back in court next week and he could face the death penalty in this case. >> such a difficult situation for that family.
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former nfl player sharper was sentenced today. anywhere from three to seven years for pleading no contest to raping women. he was sentenced in louisiana to 18 years in prison on similar charges. he wasn't actually in court but he also is accused of doing the same thing in arizona and california. >> police are investigating a shooting that happened this morning here in our community after a man ran in to a 7-11 just south of the unlv campus am we first brought you this story as breaking news this morning and the shooting it happened early, very early in the morning hours near maryland and parkway and reno avenue. >> give you an idea of where it was. the victim who was living at homeless camp we have learned with his girlfriend was shot twice once in the throat. police say the victim and his girlfriend likely know that shooter. the victim was taken to sunrise hospital at last check he was in critical condition.
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certainly statistic that we don't like to hear in this community. violent crime in las vegas actually up 14% over all since last year. and home invasion last night tuesday night i should say reflects part of this disturbing trend. the victim was an 83-year-old man. there he is right there robert willis. he told police four teenagers broke in to his home and beat him up. the spike includes robberies and home invasions up 17% and homicides up 24%. as of yesterday metro investigating 140th homicide of the year. in 2015 there were a total of 136 in las vegas area. >> let's switch gears. this is a live look right now at the spaghetti bowl where things are looking okay. this is what you would call the calm before the storm. because car-nado is in full effect. we are talking about closures
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in area where project neon expanding the free way and these closures are going to be going on until february. this will be a mess especially during the rush hour. here ask what we are talking about. ao big i-15 northbound to the u.s.-95. you won't be able to take that ramp. drivers will have to use fly over to mlk and be modified to tie in to the u.s. 95. >> the other major closure is the i-final southbound getting on to the u.s. 95 north. that's the onramp there and ndot suggesting you do this. take the exit at lake mead. then west to palm. make that west to mlk and then get on to the u.s. 95. expect long delays with all of these closures and people are going to be taking side streets maybe, if you are trying to get from 15 to 95 maybe you take like sahara. valley view. just expect everybody is going to be thinking the same thing as
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patience it will be a mess. >> big time. we already saw that this morning because even though trying to tell people about it, some times kind of goes in one ear and out the other. >> doesn't quite get that. got car-nado tomorrow morning and factor in the possibility of rain and it's going to be a real headache out there. today, though, dry conditions for us. this is a time lapse from the middle school. so far today just seen a lot of clouds in the area and that's goin as we have a storm system approaching from the pacific that will bring rain to the area. just not today. right now elementary school 73. wind southeast about 4 miles per hour. 75 degrees that's the current temperature at k carl. dew point at 51. so some moisture in the air not quite enough. now throughout the rest of the day we are look at quite a few clouds. 84 degrees at 3:00 and temperatures falling from there
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late tonight. talk about the timing and how long the rain is expected to last coming up. >> we appreciate that. can he definitely need to keep those umbrellas handy. we are taking a live look right now at our mccarran international airport. good news. good news always pleasant to hear. mccarran has the bulges -- busiest september on record. also served more passengers per month for the passed five months. this is along its stretch exceeding 4 million passengers in airport history. >> so more than 170,000 people have already cast their votes for president and you know for the election coming up early voters. meanwhile we learned that vice president joe biden making a stop here in las vegas. he will be here saturday and be lear to rally for hillary clinton and katherine cortez. this rally will be held
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doors open at nip in the morning. the event is set to take place at 11:00. if you would like to rsvp a link on our web site click on the link. we made it easy for you. meanwhile donald trump holding rallies in battle ground state ohio today. new polling shows he is leading clinton by a very slim margin. nationally new members show that it's hillary clinton on top by by three in a new fox poll. meanwhile trump said this morning he would not commit to working with clinton if she wins. >> bottom line you captain take any votes for granted. it's really really tight. a lot of these battle ground states including our fine state of nevada. keep it right here for complete coverage of decision 2016 all the way up to election day. we have you covered. you can always follow our coverage of course on air, on line at and we are
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platforms. in particular follow us on facebook. >> i know a lot of people are just ready for this to be over. >> we are so close. we are so close. make sure you get out there and vote. multiple women accusing a student at the university of wisconsin of sexual assault. coming up the shocking things police say they found in his apartment related to these charges. plus fire breaks out on a commuter train in boston and look at this video. people breaking windows to try to get o. the area. how this happened and what authorities did to get control. >> halloween is a lot of fun for kids as they get dressed up but also it's an important time to watch out for your pets. so we have some safety tips to keep in mind when it comes to costumes and candy. we know they can get in to it
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>> wow. frap tick moments yesterday caught on camera when a fire broke out on the boston commuter train and you can see what happened next. people freaking out. this is video shot by a passenger showing these moments as the orange line train over heated. that sent a thick smoke in to the commuter strayings. over heated engine starting on fire on the traip. also that fire spread to the track. both quickly extinguished but people were very, trying to get out. they don't know what is going on. recently a train accident in new jersey that killed somebody. so a very chaotic moment here caught on cam amount luckily nobody was injured when you see the people pouring out of broken windows. glass everywhere. nobody was injured. traumatized. >> understandably sew considers what goes on day-to-day. ohio police officer body camera captured the first moments of
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>> get back! >> wow intense. officers found a woman suffering from burns and then you saw the mobile home just engulfed in flames. the officer telling people as you heard get back. get back. just kind of standing around observing. then you heard that explosion. explosion we understand were caused by oxygen tanks in the home remains hospitalized. you see something like that somebody must have gotten seriously hurt or possibly killed. >> just amazing to see the video of these first responders in action. what they do everyday to save lives amazing. >> all right. shocking allegations today one of the nation's top colleges. the multiple women have come forward accusing the same man a student at the university of sexual assault. investigators say they made
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apartment. in madison with the latest on this case. >> reporter: this morning the university of wisconsin is in shock as multiple women accuse a student of sexual assault. >> it's been pretty devastating. >> reporter: so far alec cook faces nine charges involving four women but prosecutors say many more counts are possible. >> investigators searching his apartment say they found a black book in his night stand with names of women he met describin wanted to do with them. >> according to the search warrant disturbing ly enough there were statements of kill and statements of sexual desires. >> the first woman who went to police said cook strangled and assaulted her for more than two hours at his apartment on october 12. >> as news of his arrest spread around campus another woman came forward claiming he assaulted her, too, back in february.
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come forward. we are glad she did. she is bray to do so. >> reporter: cook's attorneys deny allegations they say their client is a 20-year-old business major with no criminal history seemingly been charged tried and convicted by a rapid fire internet news cycle. but here in madison outrage is mounting. >> just keep hearing more and more bit and i guess it just gets more and more sickening. cook has been suspended by the university. now banned from campus. >> anchor: develop a story we will continue to follow. a marine veteran wants his bike back. robert has been traveling the country as part of the ride to recovery program. we told but this what it comes through town. fort collins colorado on tuesday when someone stole his special mountain bike from the back of his vehicle. he explained on social media the bike is not just any bike. there are only 10 in the world
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just a bicycle pick up at a store. this was given to me by an organization ridden previously by a vietnam veteran friends of mine who had given it to me after he was done riding it. it has a lot of nostalgia value to me. >> emotional tie. >> a lot of veterans ride are specially outfitted because they may have had amputations. it's black with stickers ng united care. ride to recovery and his last name. >> the earthquake that truck italy captured live during a television broadcast. >> take a look for yourself. >> so you see the lights shaking and speaking very quickly obviously kind of comprehending the fact this is happening.
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earthquake a few hours later. california area you know that it's a big one. the studio shaking swinging. the two quakes crumbled churches and buildings in towns about 100 miles north east of rome. those quakes also knocking out power, sending panicked residents in to streets just two months after another powerful earthquake in the same region killed 300 people. it's not a tiny point. it's magnified by a lot when you go up like that. those are after shocks. that's scary. >> so we don't have earthquakes but it might look like we do. once project neon gets under way. >> fly overs and then you have cars back up. look like the end of the world. >> look like a movie set. >> it's okay. >> you will mix car-nado with
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so that's going to create headaches. dry conditions across the area. it's clouds that's really what we are seeing out there. this is a time lapse look from the las vegas day school camera. few peeks of sunshine. mostly cloudy skies. if you were noticing the background you could see the snow up on mount charleston. hopefully we can add to that this weekend. now, a look at what we are seeing as far as temperatures in the las vegas valley. mid and upper 7 downtown 77. henderson at 79. summerlin coming in at 76. temperatures rise more. looking at low to mid 80s for highs this afternoon. most of these temperatures already above normal. normal for today's date is 76. so here a look at what we have going on. you see the clouds streaming from los angeles toward las vegas and look at this. those rain showers just off the coast and they are heading our way.
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tonight and continuing throughout the day tomorrow with breezy conditions. not just one storm system we have coming. it's two. so here is look what we are expecting for the rest of the day. partly sunny mostly cloudy skies. 84 degrees that's our expected high with winds out of the south three to 8 miles per hour. mostly cloudy tonight. chance for showers late. probably between about three and 5:00 a.m. see things really start to get going here. 68 degrees that will be overnight lows. warmer tonight because the clouds come bac now our seven-day forecast that's where we are showing temperatures dropping tomorrow 78. that's the expected high scattered showers on and off throughout the day. make sure you have your umbrella handy. pack your patience. you will be dealing with wet roadways. breezy conditions. again on sunday. second system will come through. this will come through mainly dry for most of us but it's going to have big impact on our temperatures. halloween on monday 74.
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temperatures will be falling to the 60s as the kids are out trick-or-treating. hopefully you have a costume with at least a little bit of warmth to it. not quite the snow suit under the costume. but definitely want some long sleeves. maybe some tights. and temperatures get cooler toward the middle of the week. by wednesday just 71. >> thank you. >> let me ask you a question. if you had the opportunity to reduce your risk of cancer but at a great personal cost. las vegas local jamie had to make a very difficult decision after learning that she inherited a gene mutation from his mother that severely increases her risk of cancer. it's the same gene defect inherited by actress angelina jolie. had both breasts removed and later her ovaries as precaution after her mother her and and grandmother all died from cancer.
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talked to her and she says she never thought she find herself in the same shoes. >> i'm completely healthy. i had a hysterectomy at age 37. i'm considering a double mastectomy. never did i think that, sorry. >> all right we will tell you more about these brca genes and how they are affecting both men and women this is it airs tonight on news three live at 11:00. definitely a good one and hopefully one that might save lives. thank you for that one. [ inaudible ] people are caught off guard the
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what kind of country will we be? hillary clinton, because we're stronger together. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. we've got a choice to make. jacky rosen wants to build an economy that works for all of us, creating good jobs, expanding solar energy, and improving our schools. but with danny tarkanian, you can't escape the sleaze.
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he even helped set up fake charities used to scam nevada seniors. danny tarkanian's out for himself. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> so this is definitely the video of the day. coming from northwest indiana where diners got a little bit more than they expected to say the least. >> look at the video here.
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deer. deer are sharp hoofed. be careful. came crashing through a window. ran right over. what the heck. ran right over tables. nearly collided with a woman in the entrance and then smashed through another window and got out. >> well, at least nobody got hurt. that's a good thing. we call this dash and dine. >> dine and dash. >> deep and dash. that's it. i dan: if a bad guy breaks into my house, i have every right to defend my home. and i will. i have no problem have a right to bear arms. bad guys? criminals? the dangerously mentally ill? we've made it way too easy for them to buy guns. we have a loophole where dangerous people can walk into a gun show and buy a gun, no questions asked. after that, they could walk into my house, or yours. and i'd rather they didn't have a gun.
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>> right now on news three live at 12:30. a man accused of killing his wife because she was suffering from debilitating pain well he was in court today we will tell you what happened. all that coming up in a live report. >> and another sports franchise
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nba follow the nhl and possibly nfl. who wants to make that dream a reality. >> remember what we told you, it is fat free today and sugar free. the cheesecake factory and its executive chef here again to introduce us all of their pumpkin inspired desserts and other specialty menu items. >> yes. >> news three starts right thank you for joining us. a local man accused of killing his wife in apparent mercy killing he was in court for miss arraignment today. >> our craig fiegener joins us live from the justice center. his wife was just in horrific pain when she died. >> reporter: that is what he told detectives that is his claim and presumably part of his defense. this morning the defendant dennis kopp did tell a judge


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